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Reduce backup management time and
overheads by up to 80% with Probax

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Probax: Cloud Backup Solved

Probax is a Reseller-Driven Cloud Backup Solution
that solves the issues faced by MSPs and Enterprise
IT Managers when managing their backup data.

Hosted entirely on Australian servers, it is a unique
solution in the marketplace for those managing multiple
types of backups.

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100% Australian service

Storage nodes in Perth and Melbourne
allow for fast backup, restore and seeding of data.

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Replicate your ShadowProtect®
and Veeam® Backups to the Probax Platform.

Advanced integrations with StorageCraft ImageManager®
and Veeam Cloud Connect® for replication,
monitoring and reporting on your backups.

Managed IT Provider

Monitor and manage Cloud Backups for your clients who are already using Veeam®, ShadowProtect® or a NAS device for their local backups.

Enterprise/Internal IT Dept

Leverage Probax storage to replicate your backup data in the most cost effective way. No matter how much data your company has, Probax can handle it. Your CFO will thank you.

Small Business/End User

Not an IT Provider, but need your business backed up? Talk to us today and we’ll connect you to an Authorised Probax Partner.

Probax Control

Management Issues Solved: Probax Control

Reduce the amount of time your team spends managing backups. With an intuitive, easy to use layout and a reporting system built around easy to read graphs and a ‘traffic light’ system, you can identify any problems at a glance. Probax will even suggest how to fix your errors and warnings!

Click here to learn about Probax CONTROL

Compatibility Issues Solved: Integrations

No need to replace your existing backup software – Probax supports replication of leading backup solutions:

Deploy the best backup solution for your clients, then manage them all from one place with Probax Control.

Performance Issues Solved: Hyperformance

We’ve built in clever, behind-the-scenes functionality to enhance the off-site components of your Veeam, ShadowProtect, NAS and File/Folder backups.

Hyperformance is our Highly Available, highly redundant and extremely fast storage which allows us to run file operations on the cloud side for various functions primarily around data integrity and minimising Internet traffic.

From simple features like being able to seed large initial backups free of charge, to intelligent off-site retention settings, Probax will exceed your expectations of speed, reliability and ease of use.

Click here to learn about Probax HYPERFORMANCE

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Affordability Issues Solved: Channel-Only

Resellers have access to incredibly competitive rates that bundle the Probax platform and storage together for a single monthly fee. The end result is an affordable solution for end users and a great return on investment for Resellers.

Never worry about us selling direct to your customers. Probax is a Reseller-driven cloud storage platform which mean we won’t compete against you.

Click here to see the Probax Reseller Rates

“We only deal with partners that provide us with the same high  level of customer service we provide our clients.
The team at Probax provide us the with expertise and response when we  need to be at our best.”


Brad McMillanDirector - Business Works

We are one of the top 25 MSP’s in the country, we can’t do business with just anyone.

Probax, their staff and their storage platforms perform for us, no matter how much data we keep throwing at them!


Lucas HoffmanDirector - DHM Group

We aligned ourselves with Corporate Backup quite early on in their wholesale business.

Since then, we have built a successful backup portfolio and trust them to meet our ongoing storage, backup and recovery needs.


Nikolay ShmakovDirector - ResQ IT

The services we deliver with Probax are a valuable addition to SquareAlpha’s product range.

Their responsive and knowledgeable staff are an absolute pleasure to deal with.


Ben SongDirector - Square Alpha