Probax for Resellers

Probax is a solution for Managed Service Providers to split up cloud storage between clients and promote it as their own backup solution

  • Reduce your Backup Management Time by 80%
  • One of the Highest-Margin Products Available to Service Providers
  • 100% Australian Servers and Storage

Add Cloud Backup to your portfolio of managed services by becoming a Probax Partner. Choose the amount of storage you need access to and begin dividing it up amongst your clients. One monthly fee allows resellers to create an unlimited number of user accounts.

Probax at a glance…

  • Super fast phone and email response times – even on weekends
  • Fast ShadowProtect Replication
  • Data stays inside Australia – Legal, Medical, Financial compliant
  • Software designed for slow upstream such as Australian ADSL
  • Proven system in operation since 2005 and earned multiple awards
  • Marketing material and ongoing advice on how to sell your service


Integration with 3rd party backup software and hardware – ShadowProtect®, Veeam®, NAS

Probax is more than just one piece of software that does backup – it is a cloud storage platform which integrates with many other backup softwares, some of which you have probably already bought. Turn these local backups into cloud backups.

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® – whether you already have ShadowProtect licences or need monthly licencing from us, we can provide the cloud component of your StorageCraft-provided backup solution. Click here to see more.


Veeam® – the perfect software for environments with multiple virtual servers. Keep copies of these server backups on our cloud to ensure redundancy in the event of a site failure.


Integration with NAS devices – more often these days, with the rising use of Hosted Exchange, customers still requiring local centralised storage will use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. The problem is this is still a single point of failure.

Keep this data safe in the cloud with no extra software by using features such as those available in the QNAP NAS – RTRR (Real-Time Remote Replication) enabled, or by using NAS FTP(S) syncing.


 If you’re already familiar with backup products like ShadowProtect®, Veeam® and NAS devices, then you can use Probax to replicate all of that data to the cloud, and manage it from one simple, easy to use interface. No more logging into every single users network to check their backup status, no more checking email reports for every single backup job.

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